Professor Chris Morley

Ph.D. City of London Polytechnic, 1983
B.Sc. University of Wales, Swansea (Geology Honors) 1980
Professor Chris Morley is Program Director for international program - M.Sc. in Petroleum Geophysics at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Professor Morley has also worked as an oil industry exploration and structural geology specialist for Amoco, Elf Aquitaine and PTTEP, coupled with teaching and research at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (Brunei), Aberdeen University (UK), Chulalongkorn and Chiang Mai Universities (Thailand).
Professor Morley has over 28 years of experience in structural geology, mostly focussed on deformation in the upper crust, working on both academic and oil industry related topics, and integrating outcrop geology, seismic and well data for structural, regional geology, sedimentary and exploration projects, with work from the plate to the reservoir scale.
Professor Morley has authored and co-authored over 160 papers in international journals. Professor Morley has extensive experience exploring in and researching on in rift systems (East Africa, North Sea, SE Asia, Gulf of Suez), orogenic belts (Norwegian Caledonides, Pyrenees, Rif-Tell, Carpathians, SE Asia), salt and shale tectonics (North Africa, Gulf of Suez, Central Graben North Sea, Brunei Darussalam, Niger Delta, Moroccan Rif, Central Iran), inversion (East Africa, SE Asia, Central Iran), strike-slip fault systems (Thailand, Myanmar), mass transport complexes (Brunei, Indonesia, New Zealand) and deepwater fold and thrust belts (Brunei, Nigeria, Makassar Straits). One of Professor Morley’s research projects focuses on the tectonics and metallogeny of Myanmar.