Professor Michel Faure

Professor Michel FAURE is Emeritus Professor at the Institut des Sciences de la Terre d’Orléans (ISTO), Orléans University (France). After a Master thesis on ductile deformation of Alpine orogen in Calabria and Corsica, directed by M. Mattauer (1980, University of Montpellier, France), he joined the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, (CNRS) in 1981 to work on the structure and geodynamic evolution of the Mesozoic orogen of SW Japan, under the supervision of J. Charvet (Orléans University), J. Aubouin (Paris University), M. Iwasaki (Tokushima University), and T. Iiyama (Tokyo University). M. Faure was awarded Doctor of Science by Orléans University (1985), and Tokyo University (1986).
Since 1988, he is Professor at Orléans University. He is Honorary Member of the Institut Universitaire de France. He was awarded the 1997 Pierre-Pruvost Prize of the Société Géologique de France and the 2016 Léon-Lutaud Prize from the Académie des Sciences (Paris).
The scientific interest of Professor Faure focusses on Tectonics of Continental Crust. He has particular interests in: i) deformation, metamorphic and magmatic processes in collision orogens: from crustal thickening to orogenic collapse and exhumation; ii) tectonic evolution of accretionary orogens; iii) magmatic structures in granitic plutons and their bearing in the tectonic evolution of orogens; iv) intracontinental orogens; v) structural controls of ore deposits from mine to lithospheric plate setting.
To achieve these research goals, Professor Faure works in the following regions: the Variscan belt of Europe; the Neoproterozoic, Early Paleozoic, and Triassic orogens of the S. China Block; the Paleozoic and Triassic geodynamics of Indochina; the Cretaceous extension in East Eurasian margin and syntectonic plutonism; and the Paleozoic teconics of the Central Asia Orogenic Belt (Tianshan, Junggar, Inner Mongolia areas). Most of the research work is conducted in cooperation with geophysicists, petrologists, geochronologists, and metallogenists.
Professor Faure has published 266 scientific articles in peer-reviewed international journals, and 15 Excursion Guide books. In November 2018, his Scopus bibliometric record was IC 9562, h index 56. He has supervised 36 Ph. D students and more than 50 Master students. His teaching activities at Undergraduate, Master and Ph. D. levels, closely linked with research topics, are: i) structural geology; brittle and ductile deformation; continental tectonics; typology or orogenic belts; ii) geology of France with emphasis on tectonic and geodynamic aspects; iii) mineral resources in their tectonic and geodynamic settings; iv) convergent plate geodynamics: from oceanic subduction to continental collision, intracontinental orogens; structures of granitic plutons and their bearing on continental crust deformation; v) microscopic mechanisms and fabric development in tectonites. He has led several field classes in the French-Italian Alps and in the Variscan French Massif central.
Professor Michel Faure is an Associate-Editor of the “Journal of Asian Earth Sciences”, Member of the Editorial Board of “Vietnamese Journal of Earth Sciences”; member of the Editorial Board of “Acta Geologica Sinica”. He edited several special issues of the Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, and Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France.