Dr. Kyaw Thu

Dr. Kyaw Thu is a geologist specializing in gem testing and mineralogy/petrology of the Mogok Stone Tract, and also the Founder and Owner of MACLE Gems Trade Laboratory, Yangon. His current research projects include the mineralogy and genesis of the gem deposits of Myanmar, spessartite deposits of Mong Long area, Northern Shan State and rodingite and plagiogranite in Pyaung-Gaung ultramafic (ophiolite). He is author or co-author of several research publications on the origins and characteristics of gem minerals of the Mogok Belt, on igneous petrochemistry, sequence, geochronology of Mogok Stone Tract.
In 2015, the International Mineralogical Association named a new mineral, also the world’s rarest gem mineral, “Kyawthuite” after Dr. Kyaw Thu, who first found it in the Mogok mines area (DOI: 10.1180/minmag.2016.080.102).
Dr. Kyaw Thu has a Ph.D. in Petrology and Mineralogy from Yangon University; a Master of Science in Mineralogy from Yangon University, a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Yangon University, a Diploma in Applied Geology (Gemmology) from Yangon University. He is also a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Alumni Member, with a certificate in Gemstone Treatment Course (GEM LAB-USA, Inc.).