Dr. Ahmadjan Abduriyim

Dr. Ahmadjan Abduriyim received his Doctorate in mineralogy in 2002 after studying at the Division of Earth and Planetary Science at Kyoto University in Japan. Prior to his current role Dr. Abduriyim was a former chief research scientist at the Research Laboratory of the Gemmological Association of All Japan (GAAJ) in Tokyo. He worked at GAAJ-ZENHOKYO’s head office from 2002 to 2010, on research covering every aspect of diamonds, color stones and pearls. In January 2011, he joined GIA as a consultant and continues his research on all gem materials.
Dr. Abduriyim has made important contributions to the field of gemology by authoring numerous articles on subjects as diverse as the geographic origin determination of major gemstones, and LA-ICP-MS applications in the gemological field. These papers, and numerous others, have been published in various major gemological periodicals including Gems and Gemology, The Journal of Gemology and The Australian Gemmologist. Other technical gemstone-related papers he has authored have also been printed in various scientific publications such as The Journal of Crystal Growth, Diamond and Related Materials, The Australian Journal of Earth Science, Gemology, and The Agilent ICP-MS Journal. In 2006 & 2011 Ahmadjan’s work in G&G was recognized when he was awarded with the most valuable article award.