MAESA 2017: Breaking New Frontiers

Evaluation of the Inaugural Conference by Participants

3 November 2017, Yangon



The Inaugural Conference of the Myanmar Applied Earth Sciences Association (MAESA), called MAESA 2017: Breaking New Frontiers, took place on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2017 at the Novotel Hotel in Yangon. This was preceded by a Pre-Conference Workshop on the 1st November, Laying the Groundwork for Marine Geosciences in Myanmar, held on the campus of the University of Yangon for MAESA 2017 participants interested in marine geosciences. Following the Inaugural Conference, MAESA organized a field trip for interested participants to Mandalay region and the southern Shan State. Participants filled out the evaluation forms on the evening of the 3rd November. The evaluation relates only to the Conference and does not include the subsequent field trip. However, those who attended the Pre-Conference Marine Geosciences Workshop could also have been influenced by this Workshop in assessing their MAESA experience. Altogether, there were 102 respondents; but some did not respond to certain questions.

Conference sessions and content

On average, 78% of respondents gave a positive assessment of the Conference sessions (“Agree” and “Strongly Agree” responses). 8% gave a negative assessment. However, at least some of the negative assessments appeared to be caused by misunderstanding of the question, some of the same respondents gave enthusiastic and positive comments, for example, about attending future MAESA conferences. Among the eight questions relating to Conference sessions, the one on the sessions’ pace within the allotted time received more negative assessments than others.

Conference duration and level

83% of respondents found the duration of the Conference to be appropriate. However, 15% found it to be too short and 2% found it too long. Over half the respondents categorized the Conference as “Intermediate” while over a third found it to be “Advanced”. Only 8% put the Conference at the “introductory” level.

Conference organization and logistics

98% of the respondents assessed the Conference Program as excellent, very good or good. The meeting space was rated as excellent, very good or good by 97% of respondents. The visuals (94%) and light and audio arrangements (91%) also received positive ratings, but to a lesser extent, as there were a few technical glitches in the equipment, which probably led to negative ratings from 2 to 3% of respondents on these aspects.

Comments from Participants

Comments and suggestions from participants

  1. The first conference for MAESA but well organized.
  2. I like to suggest to hold such conference every year.
  3. Everything about MAESA Conference is OK.
  4. Appreciate to participate this conference. This conference is great in Myanmar.
  5. The best international conference in Myanmar. I appreciate it.
  6. It is a very good conference. We do hope that there will be many conferences like today in Myanmar, Yangon University and other Universities in Myanmar in the very near future.
  7. It is a very good conference. I would like to appreciate attending it. I hope to attend for the next time and also recommend to my university.
  8. Hope to hold such conference every year.
  9. Recommended to hold such conference in future.
  10. I appreciated best the knowledge and thinking.
  11. I most appreciate holding the conference.
  12. I propose to hold MAESA yearly.
  13. Good conference and obtained knowledge.
  14. The organizer and service are nice.
  15. I appreciated the conference.
  16. The conference is good. We have many knowledge exchanges.
  17. Appreciate because this conference is so fantastic in Myanmar. I am proud to participate at this conference.
  18. Yes, I appreciate it best about the conference.
  19. It is an educational program which is important for geology and it is also economic research for basin analysis.
  20. I appreciated the conference.
  21. Meeting Myanmar scientists is most appreciated.
  22. I most appreciate the holding of the conference.
  23. Our Burmese geoscientists need more this kind of knowledge sharing seminars.
  24. That's great and perfect as we can choose our interested sessions and share knowledge.
  25. Meeting and having discussions with international experts as well as senior earth scientists from Myanmar.
  26. The presentations give a lot of knowledge to many geologists.
  27. Good learning experience. A good summary of the meeting would help organize the next meeting.
  28. Geotechnical knowledge of Yangon
  29. Attendees from many countries.
  30. We got a lot of knowledge from this conference.
  31. Various types of topics were covered. Know about Myanmar Earthquake studies.
  32. Good arrangement for clarification of sessions.
  33. Broad themes related to Myanmar and neighboring region with many international participants. More in-depth discussion workshops may be organized in future.
  34. We appreciated hazard prevention the best at the conference.
  35. (We discuss to more improve for a good suggestion.)
  36. A less expensive venue might be appropriate. Opening Ceremony was spectacular.
  37. I appreciate the conference. Please provide (?conveniently) speaking time.
  38. I would like to suggest that the poster session should be separated. Should not overlap with oral sessions.
  39. Yes, I appreciate it was best about the conference.
  40. LED in seminar room are not good.
  41. Heard microphone noises in interval. The Bagan room quite near to cafeteria storage place, which made cleaning noise during presentation.
  42. Time for talk is a little bit short, should give at least 30 minutes. Since our country has a lot of petroleum operations now, should add more speakers on petroleum geology.
  43. The audience should ask more questions.
  44. Screen too small.
  45. It is better to check PPT and IT before conference.
  46. This program is excellent for future research programs. Besides, we can share the knowledge with each of our specializations. If it may be possible, we need to have enough time for our presentation.
  47. Networking, sharing knowledge with geologists and seniors. Registration fee should be a bit cheaper and graduate students can attend.
  48. We appreciate the hazard zone map best about the conference. The hazard map needs to harmonize with other countries.
  49. Digital projector is not good enough for focus.

Some comments had to be edited, but only for readability (spelling and clear grammar errors). A few comments were not understandable and these have been put in parentheses. Comments suggesting improvements are in red.

MAESA response to the evaluations